Friday, 6 March 2015

Time for plan B?

Yes, but the problem is I don't have plan B.

So last month was total failure!
I had plans to do lots of hobbying and I managed to build 6 Space Hulk minis!
I couldn't finish my Castigator because of missing parts and it took one month from Forge World to reply for my missing parts enquiry.
Good news is that I should receive the parts next week.

Next week will be interesting. The tiles from Secret Weapon Miniatures kickstarter will arrive on Monday, finally! Of course there was a snafu with my order but I kinda expected that!

And because the tiles will finally be here I can start building my gaming table. Nice!

Oh, last month was not a total waste. I managed to paint a new test mini for Sons of Horus army (yes I was going to sell it and start over but decided to give it a one more try) and I got very close to getting it where I would like it to go but then I ruined it with too many wash layers!

This is how it looked before washes

And after the washes

Next week I will have few more tests and if I manage to find a perfect scheme then I will start painting the army! 

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