Friday, 27 November 2015

Dreadtober Pt. III - Better late than never

My entry for Dreadtober is ready. Actually its been ready for few weeks but I didnt have time to take any pics until today.

While it looks good to me Im not 100% satisfied with the final result.
I might do some rework to it when I have completed enough models to play BaC.

Well, here are the pics. Not great but all I have is my phone so no better ones until I have enough money to buy a new camera.

More pics next week.
On the table at the moment:

For White Scars
Terminator Praetor
Cataprachti Termie Squad
Veteran Tactical Squad

For Sons of Horus
Justaerian Terminator Squad
Veteran Tactical Squad
Veteran Tactical Squad
Mortis Choomtemptor Dread

Thats alot! Hopefully all are built before next friday. I have about 40% ready, im missing pads for the White Scar tactical squad but they should arrive early next week.
So less talk, more action!

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