Friday, 27 November 2015

New arrivals, 1st year of AOW

I had to make a second post today. I just realised Art'O'War has been live for a year!
Wow, time flies, eh?

Didnt post as much as I thought I would but I can promise I WILL be more active during the second year.

Now, received few packages today.
First one was from FW. It was the White Scars upgrade pack. Dont have any pics of those because they are already having a bath. And you all know what they look like.
Incase you dont you can see them here.

We all know that FW can be bit expensive but man, the conversion rate from pounds to euro is horrible at the moment. It is about 25% more than it was about a year ago. I hope it will drop soon so I can make more purchases from them. It is almost cheaper to buy from ebay bits sellers...

I also received second package today. Inside it was some spray primers and few pots of paint I didnt have and needed to paint my Justaerins and White Scars.

But there was also this...

Now I think I have enough scenery for my City. This plus 2 Imperial sectors, Fortress of Redemption, bastions, pipes, rubble tank traps....
Construction begins soon...

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